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Nurse Robison's Corner   

about 1 year ago

 It’s hard to believe that the school year is moving by so quickly!   

  Eating a healthy breakfast and lunch is essential to your child feeling good throughout the school day. Encourage them to eat breakfast either at home or get to school in time to eat here so they can start the day feeling good.  Extra water throughout the day usually helps too.  Water only is allowed in school and individual classroom rules need to be followed.

   Let’s all work together to help our children have a healthy and productive school year.  Using tissues and washing hands are the most important ways to stop the spread of germs.  Classroom teachers can not keep up with number of boxes of tissues needed so please donate some to the classroom if you are able.

   Flu shots are important for your children and yourself. Check with your pediatrician to be sure your child gets it early. Many of the local pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens) offer free flu shots to adults.

   Doctor’s notes are needed to verify visits and excuse absences but they usually do not give me any information about what is wrong. If the doctor gives you a diagnosis for your child’s illness, please write it on the note or call me. This helps me be able to treat your child appropriately in school and to be aware of anything contagious.

   Please keep me updated on changes in phone numbers or address so I can contact you if needed.


All students in Grades 1-5 are offered the opportunity to take fluoride mouth rinse weekly in school.  Chicopee does not have fluoride in the water so most children can benefit from this simple program. Permission slips have been sent home and should be returned with either a "yes" or "no" response. We will be starting October 29.